Saturday, January 16, 2010

Apparently god does not want me to have a vacation!

Today I was just chillin with my family, minding my own business but god had other plans for me. I found, not one, but TWO KILLER DIG SPOTS! Game hats, Starter hats, Sports Specialty hats, Delong jackets, Deadstock sneakers, Starting lineups etc....... Bad news - I didnt have time to finish either dig. Good news - You will NEVER find them. LMAO!!!! I feel it only fair that I give you a fighting chance at locating these INCREDIBLE spots but it wont be easy. Here are the clues...

1. They are not in a big city.
2. I saw Steven Tyler (frontman for Aerosmith) in a Polo store today, in a town very close to these spots.


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