Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Raiders and Kings things.....

A couple sweet display pieces we scooped this week. Dope LA Kings Wall Clock and a RETARDED Framed mirror print of the entire Raiderettes Squad. These bitches know how to get low. LMAO

The Cisco Kid...

Back in the day, when me and my homies were in highschool, we used to drive over the border to Niagara Falls NY and scoop up 22's of this crap. It tastes like cough syrup and gets you licked but watch out for one of the most deadly hangovers. ugghhhhhh....



Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nike Snapbacks.....

Check out some of these rare nike snapbacks. Whats with the straight bent brims? O'leeeeely.

picture courtesy of flattophitop

Friday, May 21, 2010

All da gals dem....

I know where im going for my next vacation. LMAO!!

Snow White and her Sir Punks

This is a bootleg of the famous Malcolm McLaren Graphic.This shirt was sold in Seditionaries in the late 70s. Some dope graphics for your viewing pleasure. Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Its off to work we go...

CFL Starter Snapbacks...

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World League Snapbacks

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New Raiders Snapbacks Just In...

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

On some HOOD shit....

Another gem from the vault. Homeboy even has his RUN DMC tape in the deck.
Sometimes ladies, sometimes......


Friday, May 7, 2010

MLB Snapback Hats!

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Way back plays back

Stanley Kirk Burell also know as 'MC HAmmer', 'Hammer' or 'Hammer Time' was most popular during the late 80's to mid 90's. He was known for his hit records, including "U Can't Touch This", his crazy dance techniques and trademark Hammer pants.

In addition to his rapid climb to fame Hammer is also known for his massive financial lost. Dude went bankrupt point blank. I'm not one to make assumptions BUT it could be that a large contribution to his depletion in funds may have to do with 15+ member entourage not including his army of back-up dancers decked out in Troop.

Now, Troop Sport is no longer with us but in the late 80's it was a huge urban athletic wear company that was especially popular amongst the hip-hop community. According to some tom foolery gossip 'Troop' was an acronym for 'To rule over oppressed people' and then it was believed that consumers(whom were mostly minorities) were being exploited by the KKK.

The rumor then grew and it was said that all sales and profit in the black community went to supporting white supremacists and that the KKK had inserted slips of paper into the lining of the jackets and sneakers that said 'Thank you niggers for making us rich'. One rumor stated that LL Cool J appeared on the "Oprah Winfrey Show" and urged the viewers to protest against the company. Another rumor claimed that LL Cool J was leading his people to support the KKK. Poor LL.

Obviously Troop had no ties to the KKK or any type of white supremacist organization. It's owners Ted and Harvey Held were Jewish and Howard Kim was Korean. But that didn't stop the rumors. Troop's Marketing Director went was far as slicing open five jackets in Montgomery, Alabama to prove there were no paper messages hidden in the lining.
Unfortunately Troop couldn't over come the rumors and less than fives years after launching they were forced into bankruptcy.

Anyway Troop track suits were a pretty penny and the tennis shoes were the most expensive sneakers sold during the 80's it slaaaaaped a Jordan price tag easily. Some of the most popular Troop Sneakers sold were Troop Factor Low, Troop Pro-Performance, Troop Cobra (boots and trainers),troop web and troop platinum.

Let's Recap,

Mc Hammer's career could have been saved if he just bought some jumpsuits from K-mart
LL Cool J couldn't lick his lips and get out of every situation
AND Oprah rules the world.

the end

-Meg Prosper


We just wanted to let you all know that NWA wore Raiders, Kings and Dodgers hats back in the day. Just in case you didn't know.


We recently received a shipment of deadstock Adidas, Nike and Reebok Blacktop Sneakers.
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I recently spotted a fine specimen wearing this gem. Had to get a pic. This shirt is such a weird contradiction. The famous WWF wrestler "Mr. Perfect" is famous for recording a country song called "RAP IS CRAP". I bet this shirt would really burn him if he ever saw it. LMAO!
Ya gotta love hood t's.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Teach The Children!!

Deadstock Kids Raiders Snapback Hats
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Go NUCKS Go!!!

Daddy WarBUCKS!

XL Milwaukee Bucks Starter Jacket
Sport Specialties Corduroy Milwaukee Bucks Hat
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This Just In......

NIKE ACG Five Panel hats
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We have recently acquired our own NBA JAM Tournament Edition arcade. We are hosting an open tournament this Saturday. All you need to enter is a receipt from a purchase at "F as in Frank". We will also be having a Snapback SALE with hats starting at $20 and sunglasses starting at $5. Check out our facebook EVENT for more details.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NHL Snapback Hats!

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T-Shirt of the YEAR!!!!

This one of my all time favorite t-shirts.
Notice how they made it PG-13. Rear and Wuk! I prefer A$$ and F@CK.
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Batter Up!

Baseball Season is here. We have Deadstock NWT MLB Starter Jackets in stock.
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Snapbacks In Our Ebay Store!

We have just listed 70 different snapback hats in our ebay store. They are all deadstock with tags. Get em while you can. Summer is around the corner!