Thursday, March 11, 2010

Way back plays back -U.F.T.O.

U.T.F.O. was a Brooklyn, New – York based rap group, comprised of the Kangol Kid, Doctor Ice, the Educated Rapper, and Mix Master Ice. They first met as dancers for
Whodini, before forming U.T.F.O. (which stood for "Untouchable Force Organization") in 1983.

They first referred to themselves as "the Village People of Rap," because each member played a unique role within the group (Doctor Ice was the "Hip-Hop Physician," Educated Rapper was a college student who wore a suit and tie, Mix Master Ice took on the persona of a ninja since he would "cut things up" on the turntables, and Kangol Kid got his name because every time he made a presence dude was wearing a Kangol hat). They signed to Select Label in 1984 and dropped their legendary hit single "Roxanne, Roxanne," the track was epic and scored countless "response" songs by other artists, including "Roxanne's Revenge," "The Real Roxanne," and "Roxanne You're Through,” just to name a few. On top of that numerous female rappers adopted the "Roxanne" name themselves, including “The Real Roxanne” and the infamous “Roxanne Shante”.

1985 marked U.T.F.O.’s self-titled full-length debut, it included their own "Roxanne, Roxanne" follow-up, "Calling Her a Crab (Roxanne Part 2)," which failed to match it’s prequels success . The group toured alongside rap acts as Run-D.M.C., Kurtis Blow, the Fat Boys, and Newcleus, on a 30-city venue tour called the New York City Fresh Fest. In 1986 U.T.F.O. made a second attempt in finding success in sales with their release of “Skeezer Pleezer”.

The Educated Rapper took a brief leave of absence, before returning a year later.

The album that was criticized by the group's original following due to its shift to more fiery material. After two more releases, 1989's Doin' It! and 1990's Bag It & Bone and getting no play U.T.F.O. decided to call it a day.

I guess Roxanne found another man. Haha

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